This week’s post delayed due to lesson planning and a spot of depression. I’ve got a draft but it isn’t ready for the light. I hope to be back on track next weekend!

Barely swimming,


4 thoughts on “Delay

  1. Hope you’ve got some good drugs for the depression. Better living through chemistry! Well, that’s MY motto, anyway. Meet my good buddy, Wellbutrin.

    This lesson planning thing sounds onerous. You might need lots of cake or brownies to power through it.


  2. Recomendado Don Wilfredo Fajardo
    c/o theresa hernandez
    Barrito El Central
    Cofradía Cortes, Honduras

    Let’s see…if you can find the Cravings Place mix, that would be uber awesome – it’s gluten free! Thank you for the offer. Be warned – it is expensive to mail stuff here so if brownie mail delivery is a no go, I completely understand.


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