Grant proposals

These are excerpts from some successful grant proposals I’ve written for theatre companies in Portland. For obvious reasons, personal information has been removed.

Excerpt from request for creation of an apprentice program.

“b) What are the basic needs and objectives to be met by this program/project? Include estimates of the number of people to be served.”

Artistic Opportunity. Budgets across the state of Oregon are being cut; the Multnomah County School District is undergoing a massive restructuring due to a $19 million budget shortfall. Plans to address this problem include shuttering and/or reconfiguring high schools, notably in the struggling, poorer ethnic areas such as the *** neighborhood; limiting programs available at certain high schools; and cutting arts programs, including a blanket elimination of arts education in the K – 8 grades. Public schools are increasingly relying on grants, private funding, and neighborhood fundraising efforts for its arts education. [Cont’d]

Excerpt from request for emergency general operations funding.

“Describe the proposed activity, including how it relates to the mission of the organization (provide specific details of the proposed activity).”

Activity: [THEATRE CO.] seeks funding to address an issue raised by Oregon Employment Department’s (“OED”) recent audit and final denial of appeal in [DATE]. The specific issue to be addressed is payroll for our artistic personnel, who have historically been classified as “independent contractors.” OED now requires our company to classify its personnel as “employees” for tax purposes. This reclassification, retroactive to the beginning of the fiscal year, will increase our annual personnel budget by approximately [NUMBER]%. Emergency financial assistance is sought from [ORGANIZATION] to overhaul [THEATRE CO.]’s payroll system, which includes … [Cont’d]

Excerpt from request for funding for high school drama program.

“2. Please explain the goals you hope to achieve by undertaking this project.”

Our broad goal is to fill the gap created in students’ educations by continual reduction in arts funding. More specifically, our goals are

  • To remove the language barrier between teens and [NAME] by teaching them ways to explore, play with, and personalize the text.
  • Discover a creative outlet for self-expression and have fun.
  • Learn valuable life-skills, such as timeliness, accountability, teamwork, and self-confidence.
  • Empower the students to develop a sense of ownership and pride, find a personal connection with this project and take the risks necessary to make it their own. [Cont’d]

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